Chase Bowman

Business Development Professional in New York

Chase Bowman

Business Development Professional in New York

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With years of experience in executing successful business development & marketing/sales solutions, I have worked with many of the World’s most prestigious companies and building my own company (WGI Inc). I build my company in 4 years utilizing my network of contacts; we went from no clients to representing dozens of major Industrial and financial companies, with total billings over 24 million dollars, before merging with a major global consulting company.

In my career, I have worked with two of Canada's major Law Firms. Several of the worlds' health care and pharmaceuticals (AMSCO, Johnson & Johnson, Dow Pharmaceuticals & PharmaLink). I have advised financial services companies and banks. My career has taken me from Halifax to Hong Kong, from Toronto to Tokyo, from South Africa to Guatemala, from Dallas to DC, and worldwide. It has included the development of software solutions that revolutionized how we look at workplace safety, the handling of hazardous materials, and family pets.

I executed strategic plans that successfully increased revenue (both my company & my clients). Closely working with my clients. Many are industry leaders such as Osler, Oskin Harcourt LLP, Baskin Robbins Canada, Century 21, Woodward & Lathrop, Lord & Taylor, Dundee Capital, Dynamic Mutual Funds, Bank of Montreal, Barings Asset Management, TD Bank, CIBC, Hyperion Mutual Funds, Scotia Bank, State Street Bank, Fortune Financial, TD Bank, Redline Products Limited (PTY), and Provincial, Federal and International Ministries and Agencies.

My MBA Thesis was on The Globalization of Markets; my success as a professional is due in part that I continue to “think outside the box”.

And it does hurt being a dual national, with a clear understanding of both dynamic countries.

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  • Work
    • BFBF LLC
  • Education
    • BA and MBA
    • Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
    • University of Houston
    • King's College
    • Dalhousie University